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ERIC STALLER's Lightmobile  

ERIC STALLER's Lightmobile


For Immediate Release-- ART NIGHT SF Grand Finale & Halloween Edition THIS FRIDAY


Art Night SF is an evening of artist activations, live music, interactive exhibitions and more. The season’s finale will be FRIDAY OCTOBER 28 from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.. The evening promises to be a memorable night under the stars in UN Plaza (on Market between 7th and 8th).  For this special grand finale event, curators have added exciting elements such as a Karaoke Battle Series, Costume Contest, live music and a full creative program of activities for all ages.  Please follow us online and on social media to keep updated on this public series of events. RSVP ON FACEBOOK.


Art Night SF is a dynamic event that demonstrates the power of creativity and community in transforming UN Plaza into an accessible space for everyone to enjoy. The series of art centric events is a collaboration between local artists, makers, museums, arts nonprofits, city agencies and independent artists, vendors, educators and anyone with the collective aim of publicly championing the arts in San Francisco. By bringing people together for an unforgettable outdoor exhibition — and, with the participation of outspoken leaders of San Francisco’s creative community — we hope to celebrate the impact that cultural contributors are making within the city.  Last year, UN Plaza hosted an estimated 3,000 - 5,000 spectators and participants per night for the series’ pilot.  


SF Rock Project will introduce the event with an hour long ‘Halloween Rock’ cover song session. The kids, aged 10-14, are the programs’ ‘House Band’ and have performed all over the city for large crowds.  We are also very lucky to have the Lightmobile by Eric Staller-- a Volkswagen beetle covered with 1659 lamps that are computerized into 20 different patterns of light flowing over the car. The Lightmobile as shown internationally and this marks its first visit to UN Plaza.  Also, a HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST, open judging from 5-7PM, results in a first prize of $100.  Contest winner announced at 8PM.


In addition to a full bar, there will be an array of interactive art activities, public outdoor exhibitions and performances, we have curated a line of family-friendly and free fun activities, including: Drawing and Painting Workshops, An Interactive Clay Lesson, Bubble Balls (for kids and adults), a Green Screen Photo Booth by Brett Walker, a guided tour of the Sound Commons- an immersive architectural installation from the Exploratorium, and live performances for the entire family.  Also, at 6PM a free Middle Eastern Dance class led by Monica Berini of Alonzo King LINES Ballet.


FEATURED ARTISTS & ORGANIZATIONS: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Tenderloin Museum, Eric Staller, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, San Francisco Public Library, SF Rock Project, San Francisco Ballet, The Luggage Store Gallery, Dave Young Kim, Ranu Mukherjee and her CCA Social Practice Class, Mitsu Okubo, O. Traux, Marie-Louise ORourke, Robin van Wijk, Barbara Obata, Jennie Lennick, Ryan de la Hoz, Incline Gallery, Brett Walker,  Lucca Raventinkie, Matthew Priest, Laura Schatzkin, The Peenya Project, Olivia Noelle, Gabriel Edwards, Carey Lin, Cathy Lu, Eric Staller, Glen Helfand & his Mills' MFA Class, Kat Geng, Kristian Kabuay, Ryan Zweng, Justine Kessler, 24k Studio Presents, Reenie Charrière, Jon Levy Warren, Oscar Padilla, Society of Submerged Culture, Justin Beale, Dorian Katz, Kristian Kabuay, Marie Applegate, Holly Coley, Dog Patch SF, Nina Vichayapai, Steven Schwartz, Lisa Pradhan, Neena Holzman, Michael Shanahan & Strange Cessation Printing Press, Rory Earnshaw, Deirdre Weinberg, Paz de la Calzada, Ben Collison, Jackson Ratima, Dawline Jane Oni-Eseleh, Mike Aknin, Nancy Sayaong, International Art Museum of America, Ryan Zweng, Ethan Rafal, Gregory Smith, Maia Scott, Kato Lawton, Nicholas Sudario, SF Womens Gallery, Kindah Khalidy, Alex Fatemi, Yvette Brown, Gregory Smith, Nicholas Sudario, Princeton Maharam, Clidell Jackson III, Eveylyn Gemberling, Niki Korth, Marlana Melerich, Renzo Maclennan, Larry Smith, Erum Choudhry, Sara Varela, Jamie Benoist, Daniel Sebahar, Azra Skeljo, Hudy Elkan, Nicholas Sudario, Caroline Matthes, Yana Verba, Amanda Nelson, Kelly Keltos, Julia Moore, Zeus Zou, Jo Lynn, Tergel Purevdorj, Greg Gioia, Ari Bird, American Bookbinders Museum, plus more to be announced soon!!!


Halloween activities: Pumpkin Painting Station with Kat Geng, much much more!

Featured Food Trucks: Del Popolo, Tacos Los Chuvis, Phat Thai, & Johnny Doughnuts

Open-Air Plaza-Bars: Beer by Fort Point Beer. Whiskey Cocktails by Mosswood Distilleries.

Alonzo King LINES Ballet instructors will give a free dance class on the plaza to participants of all ages.

Alonzo King LINES Ballet instructors will give a free dance class on the plaza to participants of all ages.

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